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Goethe vs. Telc: Choosing the Right German Language Certificate


Goethe vs. telc : German language certificates are increasingly sought after for a variety of purposes, such as university entry and work visas. Among the numerous providers, the Goethe-Institut and telc stand out as prominent figures. This article aims to guide readers in selecting the most suitable certificate for their needs.

Goethe vs. telc : Comparing the Certificates


Internationally, both Goethe and telc certificates enjoy wide recognition. Specific regional variations in acceptance may exist, which should be taken into account.

Test Format and Content

While both providers offer tests comprising reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections, key differences emerge in test content. For instance, telc places a stronger emphasis on oral expression, whereas Goethe focuses more on writing skills.

Availability and Cost

Test centers for both Goethe and telc are available globally. However, it is generally observed that telc exams are less expensive than those offered by Goethe.

Which certificate is best for the German language?

No single certificate can be deemed the “best”; the decision hinges on individual requirements. Prospective candidates should align their specific goals with the certificate that best serves their purpose.

Comparing Goethe and telc Certificates

FeatureGoethe Certificatetelc Certificate
Testing BodyGoethe-Instituttelc GmbH
Languages TestedGerman onlyOver 10 languages, including German
Certificate RecognitionInternationally recognizedInternationally recognized
CEFR Levels CoveredA1 to C2A1 to C2
Exam FormatSimilar: written and oral componentsSimilar: written and oral components
AvailabilityOnly at Goethe InstitutesAt various testing centers worldwide
PriceGenerally more expensiveGenerally less expensive
FocusStronger emphasis on writing (especially at B1 and B2 levels)More balanced focus on all skills
Certificate ValidityUnlimitedUnlimited

Do German universities accept telc?

Most German universities recognize both Goethe and telc certificates. Nonetheless, candidates are advised to verify the specific requirements of their chosen university.

Is telc B2 difficult?

The B2 level, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), varies in difficulty depending on the individual’s language skills and preparation. Resources for preparing for the telc B2 exam are available, including official practice materials from telc

FAQs: Goethe vs. telc German Exams

What are Goethe and telc?

Both Goethe and telc are organizations that offer standardized German language exams. They assess your proficiency across various levels, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2). These certificates are widely recognized by universities, employers, and immigration authorities around the world.

Are there any key differences between the two exams?

The core structure and testing formats for Goethe and telc exams are quite similar. They both involve written and oral components to assess your overall German abilities. However, there are a few subtle differences:

Focus: telc exams tend to place slightly more emphasis on spoken communication skills, while Goethe exams put a stronger focus on written proficiency. This is reflected in the time allocated to each section during the exams.

Availability: Goethe exams can only be taken at a Goethe Institute location. telc exams, on the other hand, are offered at authorized test centers worldwide, potentially providing more flexibility in terms of location and scheduling.

Cost: telc exams generally have a slight price advantage compared to Goethe exams. However, the exact cost can vary depending on the test center and location.

Validity: Both Goethe and telc certificates are valid indefinitely.

Which exam should I take?

There’s no single “better” option. The best exam for you depends on your individual strengths and goals:

If you feel more confident in your speaking abilities and are looking for a potentially more affordable option, telc might be a good fit.

If you excel in written German and prefer taking the exam at a Goethe Institute location, then the Goethe exam could be the way to go.

Ultimately, both telc and Goethe certifications are widely recognized and hold the same value. Consider the factors mentioned above to make an informed decision.


In conclusion, when comparing Goethe and telc certificates, it is crucial to consider individual needs and goals. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research and seek clarification from the respective institutions if needed.

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